Stian Klo

Stian Klo was born in February 1980 and is from Harstad, where he also lives today. Stian is originally an educated social worker/therapist from Harstad University College, but today he runs Discover North AS together with friend, co-founder and business partner Arild Heitmann.

He’s a professional and award winning nature and landscape photographer. His work has been published in highly esteemed magazines such as National Geographic, Lonely Planet Traveller Magazine, Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Landscape Photography Magazine, N-Photo and several more. His images and articles have also been licensed to international ad-campaigns and product launches for some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Apple, Lonely Planet, Instagram, Nike, BBC, Hurtigruten and Carl-Zeiss to mention a few. Additionally, he’s an official brand ambassador for Renault NorwayFjällräven North AmericaViking FootwearUlvangREAL Turmat and Lexar Memory.

Stian’s main focus is modern tourism combined with the wild, dramatic and beautiful nature in the arctic/polar parts of the world. Together with Arild Heitmann, they organize tours and workshops, spreading knowledge about Northern Norway and the Arctic in general for photo enthusiasts and professional photographers. They host aproximately 20-25 tours and workshops a year, to destinations such as Lofoten (primarily), Senja, Svalbard, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Greenland and Sweden.

He’s always been the creative type, and fascinated with nature and photography ever since he was a little boy. Exploring and travelling is therapy for him, which is why he’s often found camping up in the mountains by himself. Growing up in arctic Northern Norway has its advantages in terms of esthetic and dramatic landscapes and light, and this is what he tries to capture on his adventures.

Stian purchased his first DSLR camera back in 2009. It was an entry level Canon EOS 600D and a couple of cheap kit lenses, and he experimented with everything from architecture, monochrome, wildlife macro shots, long exposures and night photography. Summer 2012 he became completely “addicted” with landscape and nature photography, and living in Northern Norway with this interest is like living a dream.

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